Bumble and bumble

As a wise lyricist once wrote, summertime is all about easy living. While the song obviously wasn't referring to our beauty habits, we try to apply this sage sentiment to said routine anyway. After all, who wants to waste a sunny afternoon stuck in the bathroom, fussing with frizzy, fried, or flat hair? Not us! In our quest to find the perfect products to help us streamline and simplify our summer styling process, we discovered that Bumble and bumble has all the answers. They've created amazing solutions for all your hair care problems, so try a few of our favorites and see what works for you. One thing's for sure: no matter how hot it is outside, these dream cremes, super sprays, and styling essentials will keep you looking cool all season long.

Curl Conscious Holding Foam ($27)
Curly-haired ladies, listen up, because Bumble and bumble made something special for your lovely ringlets: Holding Foam. With a little help from this product, you can embrace your natural texture and show off gorgeous curls all summer long (which sure beats trying to wrestle your hair into a pin-straight style). Just evenly apply a small amount of the Holding Foam to damp hair and it will control and shape your spirals instantly.

Defrizz ($24)
If you spend your days battling flyaways and trying to tame your humidity-hating hair, Defrizz is for you! It's an anytime product (meaning you can use it before, during, or after styling) that's essential for creating a soft, silky, smooth look. Use it on damp hair to define curls and control frizz or on dry hair to add sheen and movement.

Sumotech ($24)
Our friends with short hair always lament their lack of great styling products and suffer from what we call The Goldilocks Conundrum. One product is too heavy, another isn't robust enough, and nothing works perfectly. Happily, relief is here courtesy of Bumble and bumble's Sumotech, a very cool moulding compound. It's not a wax or paste or creme per se, but somehow manages to be a lovely blend of all three. It's light enough that even fine-haired gals can try it, while strong enough to style even the coarsest hair.

Creme de Coco Masque ($25)
Spending time poolside or à la plage is a time-honored summer tradition. Of course, all those relaxing hours outdoors means that your hair tends to get dry, dull, and rough