Artist Puts Dress in the Dead Sea—2 Months Later, It's a Glittering Wonder

There are times in our lives when fashion simply transcends being just a part of your #OOTD. On the runways and in museums, it often becomes an art form just as true as any other expression. This morning, we're here to bring you one of those very instances.

Meet artist Sigalit Landau, who submerged a black gown in the Dead Sea for two whole months to let it crystallize. We were introduced to the project thanks to Bored Panda, who explained that the act was a part of her image series Salt Bride. While the photo exhibition will be available for viewing at London's Marlborough Contemporary until September 3, we've included a roundup of the photos ahead just in case you won't be making it over to England in that timeframe. We can promise that the resulting salt-encrusted garment is nothing short of beautiful.

Keep scrolling to see the photos for yourself!