D.C. Fashion in 5 Easy Pieces

In the age of Instagram, fashion has become less about location. Once an outfit is posted, we can immediately see what someone is wearing everywhere from NYC to Tokyo to Sydney. Even though we can spot outfits across the globe in an instant, there are still specific trends linked to certain cities. After all, some climates are suited to year-round bikinis while others require layers at all times. And the social norms weigh in too—in some places, denim is appropriate for almost any occasion, while other spots require a dressier approach.

Curious to find out about what defines D.C. fashion, we tapped blogger Sara Azani of Style MBA. She splits her time between D.C., NYC, and L.A., so she has her finger on the pulse of what stands out in each city.

Here, Sara shares her take on style in D.C.: “Fashion in D.C. has certainly evolved, and Michelle Obama can be credited for putting a focus on fashion during her tenure as First Lady. And now, more than ever, it’s acceptable for professional women to experiment with fashion and express themselves through their clothes. There’s now a subset of girls in D.C. who love all things fashion and can usually be seen sporting the latest Céline bag or Alaïa belt. D.C. is still a town that likes to dress up, and with summer approaching, you can usually find the fashionable wearing flowy dresses paired with a great bag and neutral accessories. Between work, a new restaurant opening, or book party, D.C. girls have busy social calendars, so they tend to gravitate toward pieces that can easily transition from day to night. Even if she doesn’t want to go out, her new Gucci bag does!”

Keep reading to find out the five pieces every fashion girl in D.C. owns, and shop our favorite picks.