You Can Still Buy the Under-$40 Dress Zendaya Wore on the Red Carpet

We’ve seen tons of iterations of slip dresses on the red carpet over the last several years—blame it on our rekindled love of the ’90s. But at last night’s Kid’s Choice Awards, the style that Zendaya wore stood out for several reasons. And the most exciting one by far was that it costs only $38.

Ringing in far below most other high-end, celebrity-loved creations, Zendaya’s dress was also special because it was designed by the actress herself. A piece from the Daya by Zendaya collection, the midi-length frock featured a flattering triangle top, spaghetti straps, and a slightly flared skirt. While the piece is unfussy and elegant, Zendaya chose to personalize the look with tall, suede boots and a trio of necklaces—two delicate chains and one bold choker, heavy on the bling.

While the exact dress itself will be available on Zendaya’s e-commerce site later this month, the same design in a classic shade of black is currently for sale. In other words, this is probably the easiest, no-splurging-necessary way to own a celebrity-designed, celebrity-endorsed, red carpet piece.

Scroll down to see Zendaya’s surprisingly affordable ensemble.

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