This Confirms It: Women Are Still Into the Princess Bride Look

Take a moment to picture the adventure of a lifetime. And now imagine that adventure as the inspiration behind your destination wedding. That’s exactly what David’s Bridal did for its recent campaign. The retailer took a trip down to Joshua Tree National Park to shoot its S/S 18 Galina collection. And Dan Rentillo, vice president of design and product development at David’s Bridal, shared with us a bit about the inspiration behind the newest Galina line, the story behind the campaign, and the bridal gown trends we’ll see everywhere next season (and those we won’t be seeing much of anymore).

Rentillo explains that the collection’s narrative was "inspired by a couple that is seeking adventure, experience, and travel.” He adds, "They believe that all of these factors are signifiers of their love and wanted to incorporate [them] into their wedding." So it was only fitting then that this collection was photographed in a location widely known for drawing in adventure seekers from all around the world. 

While this specific collection of bridal gowns features flowy, Bohemian shapes, there is another style that’s making a comeback. According to Dan, trending in the wedding world is the return of the princess bride—big celebrations with an equally as big gown. There is a slight difference, though. Dan explains that "unlike princess brides of the past with the beautifully embellished gown and voluminous skirt, we are seeing a more polished dress, cleaner in silhouette and construction." Other trends, he notes, include tiaras (serious princess status!), black accents, and a more vintage, boho-inspired look.

So now that you know what’s trending in terms of bridal gowns, we also thought it was worth asking this expert about the dress styles that are on their way out. "It seems that there is less demand for a big cupcake ball gown skirt—too fluffy and overdone for our Galina bride,” he shared with us. "We are seeing ball gowns; however, the trend is toward full skirts with a clean waist." So there you have it, brides—which dress will you say yes to?

Scroll down to see some of the stunning campaign images.