Dating Diaries: Are Women Who Work in Fashion Intimidating?

It’s not uncommon to hear women in the fashion industry joke about their eternally single status. Whether it’s because they’re too busy or (for some) because there’s a lack of available candidates in their orbit, the majority feel that one downside of their exciting careers is the lack of romance. In fact, when I told my co-workers I was working on this article and would love to speak to their significant others, I received not one but five emails simply bearing the hashtag #sosingle.

When I brought the issue up to both male and female friends outside of the industry, the men overwhelmingly suspected that women in fashion might be “too intense” or “intimidating” for a lot of their cohorts. “Have you heard this before, too?” I asked a few industry friends, most of whom knew the response well. So was this, perhaps, the real reason so many of us were striking out in the dating department?

To find out, I spoke to men either currently in relationships with fashion ladies or those who have dated them in the past. I figured if anyone could speak to this stereotype, it would be them, and their responses were very revealing.

Scroll down to find out what they had to say!

“I think there’s a stereotype that people in the fashion industry are just these vain, uptight jerks (thanks, The Devil Wears Prada), so as an outsider, that can be really intimidating when you meet someone. On the surface, the industry is about material goods and how people look, so it can seem that way at first glance. Knowing more about it [from dating someone in the industry], I think the reality is that most of the people are confident, driven, and have high aspirations, and those are really attractive qualities for a person to have. It also helps that everyone keeps up with trends for work, so they know how to dress themselves properly. I met my girlfriend in high school, but if I met her now, she would definitely intimidate me—I’m still intimidated when I meet her co-workers. But, if anything, working in fashion is a selling point, because you know you’re going to be dating someone who works hard, wants to look good, and is able to put up with a lot of bullsh*t (which is a plus for me, because I dish out a lot of it).” — Nico, 25

“No, [my girlfriend’s job in fashion] is not intimidating, but I’m a ‘weird guy’ because I’m into fashion. I also think we’ve just been together since I was in a cocoon, so I’m pretty used to my butterfly.” — Zac, 27

“My girlfriend is the only girl I’ve ever dated with [a level of] drive, motivation, and work ethic that was not only impressive but inspiring. I can see why this can be intimidating to some, but I found it exciting and life-changing. It was exactly what I needed from a significant other. We help each other grow personally and professionally every day.”  Gabriel, 27

“When I first started getting to know my girlfriend, it was in the context of a weekly yoga class, so fashion wasn’t much of a factor. When we took it to the next level and actually began following each other on social media, I started to learn about her rad style and all the fancy parties she was attendingand they looked way cooler than anything I was doing with my time. However, that’s also where I learned about her love of art, good food, and rap music, among other things. Because of that development, I could always see how fashion was just one aspect of her life (but I still made sure to step up my shopping game). I sometimes still find myself intimidated by the events I’m fortunate enough to be invited to, but I know I’ve always got a down-to-earth partner who helps me feel comfortable no matter where we are or whoever is around.”  Joel, 30

“Any guy with enough self-confidence will not be intimated by what industry a girl works in. If there are so many single girls working in fashion, they can contact me.”  Jake, 24

“I actually prefer dating women in the fashion industry. Most of the women that I’ve dated/been interested in have touched fashion in some waywhether as designers or on the PR, web, or business side of a house. I’m generally drawn to creative, driven people, and the fashion industry has a nice balance of the two. An additional plus is that I’m into fashion, and it’s nice to have someone to go shopping with.” — Dan, 30

“I don’t think they’re intimidating. In my experience, some of them deal with so much ego and bullsh*t at the office that they’re fairly laid-back anywhere else. I think the bigger point is that if someone’s intimidated by the woman they’re dating, that’s their own fault for being garbage, not her career path.”  Nate, 28

Do you think men find women who work in fashion intimidating? Let us know in the comments, and if you have a date coming up yourself, shop these six Kendall Jenner–inspired date-night outfits!