This Feature Makes an Engagement Ring Look Dated


Getty Images 

Truth be told, engagement ring trends are perhaps the most frustrating trends. How do you choose a ring that you'll love now and decades from now, especially with a laundry list of fluctuating trends to keep up with each year? That said, if you know what you want and it's a modern, of-the-moment ring, there is a particular trend that's decidedly passé, according to NYC jeweler Stephanie Gottlieb (her Instagram account is a must-follow, FYI). 

We recently asked Gottlieb to share with us whether a diamond looks its best in a gold or silver setting (the answer is silver), and in doing so, she gave us a tidbit about the type of ring that looks especially dated right now—rings with a gold band and a platinum basket. While this vintage art deco–esque style can give the diamond more sparkle than an all-gold ring, she said, "In my opinion, this looks is a little bit 'old school' and not as modern looking." That said, obviously, if you love this specific vintage look then, by all means, go for it. But if it's a modern look you're seeking, stick to a setting that's made of only one type of metal.

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