The Verdict Is In: Dakota Johnson Is the Most TSA-Approved Celeb

These days, it's safe to say that we're all somewhat immune to seeing celebrities strutting down airport terminals wearing stilettos, dresses, tight leather pants, and other admittedly impractical things. But there are some stylish celebrities who manage to always look polished yet appropriate for going through security, rushing between gates, and sitting on cramped planes for hours at a time. One of the first of that breed of celebrity who comes to mind is Dakota Johnson. She sticks to practical pieces like flat shoes, lightweight jackets, minimal accessories, and loose or stretchy pants. Her functional attire not only maximizes comfort while traveling but likely also helps her navigate those long security lines with ease. To prove our observation, we compiled a few of Johnson's recent airport looks (including one from just yesterday that's spot-on) that are the definition of TSA-friendly.

Keep scrolling to learn from the airport-dressing master herself, and shop stylish travel essentials at the end!