You've Never Seen Dakota Fanning Like This Before

At 22, not many actresses can sport a resume similar to that of Dakota Fanning. The uber-talented star has made a name for herself onscreen alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. But offscreen, her youthful-cool style is what captures our attention. Along with her sister Elle, the actress is one to watch. In her latest feature with Net-a-Porter’s The Edit, Dakota offers up a side we haven’t seen before, embracing dark romance in the shoot, and opening up about what life is really like for her in Hollywood. 

She comments on her relationship with her sister, “The assumption that we’re really competitive, that people even ask that, is horrible. It’s implied our family [is] torn apart by jealousy. It shows people don’t pay attention to who we are…” Dakota also discussed her fierce independence, and about learning to stand up for herself, noting, “Being empowered to say no is pretty cool.” In both work and style, Dakota’s confidence in her own autonomy is what sets her apart.

Check out the photos from her shoot below, then read the full interview in The Edit!


Billy Kidd/The Edit

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Dakota Speaking about being able to say no:

“Being empowered to say no is pretty cool. Even when I was little, any of my friends or family would say, ‘Dakota doesn’t do anything she doesn’t want to.’ And I don’t. I’m very sensitive to energy and vibes, and if a vibe is off somewhere, then I’m out. I’ll just go. If it’s not working for me? Just no.”


Billy Kidd/The Edit

On Dakota Fanning: Alexander McQueen dress.

Dakota speaking about the roles she chooses:

“Don’t do a role that isn’t complicated enough for you. It’s ok to say no to parts if it doesn’t serve you, or the story. Or the [gratuitous] sex scene? It could be a great project, but you don’t need that. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to but, ultimately, it pays off.”


Billy Kidd/The Edit

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Dakota speaking about her upcoming film, The Bell Jar:

“We want to make a cinematic experience. A lot of people have this idea of The Bell Jar being dark and depressing, and that it’s Plath’s biography. It’s not; it’s a novel. There’s a lot of humor, irony and light—those are things we want to bring out, the parts people don’t think of right away.”

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