Dakota Fanning on the Shoe Style New York Girls Swear By

Dakota Fanning is the epitome of a well-rounded fashion girl. The 23-year-old actress goes from rocking casual looks from Zara to donning cool, under-the-radar jewelry, to being clad in designer duds for a stunning photo shoot. No matter what she wears, Fanning has a penchant for style, and her latest shoot with Jimmy Choo is no exception.

Set in the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Fanning serves up ethereal beauty with feminine style—wearing everything from exquisite floral stilettos to playful glittery pumps and understated sneakers—in her dreamiest shoot to date. In an accompanying interview, the starlet talks career aspirations and all things fashion.

On her personal aesthetic when it comes to style, she explains, "It really changes all the time. I think I usually have a vibe in mind when I am getting ready and try to execute that as best as I can. I am more traditional than not, but I also like to surprise people, so I try to throw something untraditional into my wardrobe just to keep people on their toes!"

But when it comes to shoes, the fashion It girl is surprisingly all about being practical. "I am more a flats girl when I am in New York because there is so much walking involved when you live in the city," she says. "There is a grounded agility that a flat can bring that just cannot be accomplished in heels, no matter how well you walk in them!"

Read the rest of the interview on Jimmy Choo's site, and keep scrolling to feast your eyes (and shop!) the beautiful S/S 17 shoot, starring Dakota Fanning.

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