French Girls Never Wear This Color While Working Out

Recently, we were wondering what French girls really wear to the gym and what they would never be caught in. There are plenty of photos snapped of French girls walking through the Marais in cool dresses from Rouje or Réalisation Par, but far fewer gym selfies. Certain that their je ne sais quoi doesn’t stop for a yoga class, we did some digging to get to the bottom of it.

We went straight to the source, asking French It girl Sabina Socol for the lowdown. “I don’t know about French girls in general, but as far as I’m concerned, there are two things I would never, ever wear: neon colors (I don’t wear them IRL, so why should I when I work out?) and a specifically sports-designed swimsuit (again, I can swim in my one-pieces during holidays, so why couldn’t I in a gym pool?),” she says. “Therefore, when I go to the gym, I wear very simple, neutral-toned clothes—a gray or black legging, a good sports bra and technical tank top, and some matching shoes. As for swim, a nice one-piece does the job.”

Keep reading to find out Socol’s top six picks for her workouts and to shop more pieces for the gym that are French girl–approved.

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