20 Cute Windbreakers to Wear This Season


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This summer, everything you thought you knew about windbreakers is going to change. This sporty topper is coming back with a vengeance, and we’re totally ready for it to join our mighty band of wardrobe staples alongside our trusty leather jacket, casual anorak, and preppy navy blue blazer. There’s always room for one more in this group of best friends, and windbreakers have more than proven their worth—at least as far as this season’s chic offerings are concerned.

While windbreakers have always aired on the side of casual for obvious reasons, we’re fully embracing the style in all its sporty glory, seeking everything from a basic black to neon brights that would make the style icons of the 1980s proud. You can shop the OGs from Adidas and Nike or indulge in a more high-fashion take on the trend from Isabel Marant to Valentino. What’s more is that, by design, these jackets are meant for style and performance. So while the runway-ready version of the windbreaker might not be the best option for running a marathon, it’s still going to do a fairly good job at protecting you from the elements as you kick it around your city.

Shop these 20 cute windbreakers for spring and beyond. You’ll never have felt sportier or chicer at the same time.

Feeling as sporty as we are? Throw them on over your workout wear and then take them to brunch with friends when you swap our your leggings and sports bra for a pair of jeans and a statement top.