The Cute Party Dresses We're Already Eyeing for NYE


Collage Vintage

If there's one night to go all out and wear your boldest look, it's New Year's Eve. But although we're rather fond of the holiday, it's easy to leave planning our festive looks until the very last minute—between the packed holiday calendar and the seemingly endless array of cute party dresses, we often procrastinate when it comes to making a purchase.

To help you navigate the holiday scene, we’ve rounded up some party dresses you can keep on your radar before the big night. Believe it or not, the latest styles scream New Year's Eve. Three trends in particular—shiny satin, sophisticated velvet, and bold sequins—are among the festive looks that are sure to turn heads. And best of all, all our favorite retailers, from Reformation to Zara, have perfected these looks.

Scroll down to see exactly which dresses can help you ring in the New Year.