How to Dress for a Night Out Based on Your Personal Style


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The weekend might be the perfect excuse to spring for a new look, but your outfit for a night out can be drastically different depending on what your style is. Do you lean toward sleek and simple silhouettes, or do you prefer to make a statement in something bold and bright? Do you rotate staples in your closet season after season, or are you always ready for the next trend?

To help take the guesswork out, we’ve done the work for you and curated a look to try, spotlighting the best of the season for every kind of fashion girl. Ahead, shop your next outfit for a night out, according to your personal style, whether that be classic, eclectic, flirty, minimalist, or—for the girl who is always ahead of the curve—fashion-forward.

Go on to shop five cute going-out outfits, no matter which style tribe you belong to.