The Worst Things to Wear to the Airport, From an Italian It Girl


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We’re always looking to streamline our travel wardrobes. Really, the end goal is to strike the perfect balance of a stylish look with something comfortable enough to sit in for over five hours on a plane. Plus, breezing through TSA security checkpoints is always top of mind. We’re always learning new tricks from fashion girls, so when we had a chance to sit down with Italian It girl Chiara Ferragni, we were interested to discover her tips for traveling like a pro.

Ferragni was recently named the number one fashion influencer on Forbes based on her wildly successful fashion line, over 10 million Instagram followers, and popular media platform, The Blonde Salad. Naturally, running a modern media and fashion empire, she travels—a lot. And Ferragni admits that throughout the years, her airport style has evolved as she’s racked up more frequent flyer miles.

There are a few things she has learned to avoid altogether. She admits that sneakers without socks are high on her list—and she also skips jeans. “I mean, I used to wear jeans. I used to wear anything I would wear on a normal day,” she told Who What Wear, “but now that I travel so much and I do a lot of intercontinental flights, I usually wear tracksuits, a sweater, and jacket, for the most part.”

She explained that her look is like a dressed-up version of pajamas. With all the cool track pants and elevated athleisure on the market right now, it’s a look we can get behind.

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