Virgin Suicides

As serious devotees of Jeffrey Eugenides' first novel, The Virgin Suicides, we were nervous when we heard Sofia Coppola was bringing the book to the silver screen. Those wary feelings were a waste of time-we fell immediately fell in love with Coppola's spot-on rendering of the Lisbon family.

The summer the movie was released, we spent hours combing thrift stores for the gauzy-yet-modest, 70's style clothes worn in the film. So when we spotted all the retro romantic looks on the spring runways, we knew it was time. We've been Currently Channeling: Virgin Suicides in our hearts for years. Now we can do it publicly.

If you're looking for inspiration points to currently channel along with us, we suggest you start with some of the spring shows. Hermes, Chloe, and Roberto Cavalli all showed pale and pastel clothes with some signature 70's ruffles. We can imagine Lux Lisbon sauntering down the street in this buttery babydoll dress ($34.50, Delia's). These Marc by Marc Jacobs tan wedges ($432, are perfectly Lisbon-esque too. Now all you need is some tunes by Todd Rundgren...