Taxi Driver

Are we talkin' to you? Yeah we are, and we're telling you to break out your hot pants, cropped peasant tops, and rainbow colored sunglasses because spring is currently channeling Iris from Taxi Driver.

This season, designers turned to past decades for inspiration, hence why we're seeing the flood of 70's inspired shapes and fabrics. The high-waisted short shorts that trotted down Chanel's runway could have been pulled from Iris Steensma's wardrobe.

Admittedly, this trend has a difficult transition to everyday style (hot pants are rarely hot in real life), so a more sensible option may be to pull accessories in the style of Jodie Foster's seminal character. These round, ultra violet shades by Linda Farrow for Luella ( for shopping information) are a fresh alternative to the ubiquitous Jackie O styles we've seen for the past couple of years. Shoes are easy to source now too, as everyone is coming out with platforms galore. We love this Marc by Marc Jacobs pair for its saucy ankle-tie and comfortable height.