Marianne Faithful

The Rolling Stones are debatably the greatest rock band of all time and there's no doubt that their prolific talents have inspired countless others in innumerable ways. Well, no offense to Mick and the boys, but our focus-style-wise, at least-is firmly set on a Stones friend, and former girlfriend, Marianne Faithfull.

In addition to being a major muse (Faithfull inspired a grip of songs including "Wild Horses" and one of our favorites, "You Can't Always Get What You Want") and an artist in her own right, Faithfull's richly interesting style perfectly captured the fashion zeitgeist of the late sixties. She seemed to share an interchangeable look with her legendary beau, as the duo often showed up in his-and-hers versions of skinny suits or flamboyantly large hats. Their outfits often appeared to be assembled in the haste that comes from a late wake-up after a debauchery-filled evening, in other words sexy and random. We like to think Faithfull would merely grab whatever was on the floor, no matter if it was her duds or his, and fling it on with whatever over-the-top accessories-usually a feather boa or a fur coat-were less than an arm's length away. This hard-living, big-loving, earthy-yet-divine energy, plus her exceptionally fantastic wardrobe, is so intoxicating that we are Currently Channeling: Marianne Faithfull.

Our Currently Channeling is greatly aided by the fall runways, which were lousy with Faithfull's glammed-up bohemian style. We saw head-to-toe looks that paid her homage from the soles of an over-the-knee pair of boots to the top of a feather-festooned hat. Even the popular beauty looks conveyed the sort of "I've-been-up-all-night-hanging-with-Keith-and-Mick" distressed chic made popular by Miss Faithfull. Of all the shows channeling Faithfull, the biggest hits came from Ann Demeulemeester, Gucci, and Etro (which just happens to be the order of the above runway looks, from left to right). We adored how Demeulemeester's collection was full of chubby jackets and distressed tunics in a gorgeous shade of rock-royalty purple, not to mention all the excellent wide-brimmed hats! Gucci models also looked the part, wearing black skinny pants (de rigueur for the cool kids), tasseled knee-high boots, and scarves worn as belts. We also saw smatterings of Faithfull's style spirit at Etro, where black lace-up thigh high boots were matched with oversized fringy coats.

It's completely possible to create a modern day Marianne Faithfull look without paying runway prices or scouring every vintage store in the world. We found an amazing Patchwork Trapeze Dress ($545) by Anna Sui that has the luxe folkie style we wanted. The frock has velvet panels interspersed with multicolor patterned silk and it looks like it could have been directly pulled from Faithfull's closet (or more appropriately, posh hotel-room floor). To pay tribute to Marianne and Mick's fondness for dramatic chapeaux, we chose this cherry red felt Borsalino Hat by Del Moro ($338). We felt it was the perfect way to chicly cover up morning-after party hair, Marianne style. Just add a feather or two-one of her signature accessories-to the hatband for a truly Faithfull interpretation of our muse's personal taste. Since Faithfull and her fellow sirens spent a lot of their time swaying to music or sauntering from club to club, we chose these Urban Outfitters Lattice Suede Boots ($125) for their attention-grabbing cutouts and walking-friendly low heels. Finally, we picked this updated fanny pack, the Leather Pouch Belt ($45), from Intuition not only for its cute style and sturdy leather, but also its ability to give your arms free reign (so you can rub elbows with rock stars, of course). -Madison Robbins