Once upon a time, there was a fantastically dark movie filled with extraordinary creatures, like malevolent muppets and a hairspray-embellished David Bowie. The fantasy flick of which we speak-Labyrinth-might be shelved in the kids' section at your local Blockbuster, but the story is not unsophisticated fare. Rather, this mid-eighties ode to mazes, men wearing makeup, and meaningful life lessons about regret and patience, taught us that every choice has a consequence and that puppets can be incredibly creepy. In addition to this noteworthy education, the outstanding Jim Henson-directed film also gave us something totally unexpected, namely, one of our first fashion crushes.

Though the connection between a fantasy movie and fantastic style isn't obvious, we've always thought that Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly's character) is thoroughly inspiring. Sure, her outfits look a little awkward now, but we've always adored their inherently rebellious bohemian spirit-a sensibility shared by our heroine-tremendously.

As truly devoted Labyrinth enthusiasts, we flipped when we discovered a few Sarah Williams-style items on the spring runways. At Isabel Marant, we noticed an oversized, cuffed, and rolled tunic with the same sort of slouchy chic as our heroine's favored tops. We were also struck by the similarities between Diane von Furstenberg's incredible Spring/Summer 09 show and our film du jour. One of our favorite runway looks featured a cascading floral garland headpiece paired with the Hippolyte Crochet Lace Dressicon ($495)-a romantic combination that evoked some of Labyrinth's most gorgeous moments. Readers take note: the heavenly headpieces are available at the Diane von Furstenberg flagship store in New York (646.486.4800). Choose between Floral Pink and Floral White ($125 each), or go for the metallic Golden Vine ($150).

In addition to these marvelous runway examples, we also noticed that stores are stocking a great deal of Labyrinth-ish items right now. Besides the DVF headpiece, we found a white floral version by that looks like one of Connelly's key accessories. Even if you're not a fan of the film, the She Enjoys Shakespeare in the Park Headpiece ($200) is a sweetly innocent addition to any wardrobe.

On an edgier note, we couldn't resist including the angular Double Sided Triangle Necklace ($245) by All For The Mountain. The triple triangle necklace is the perfect piece of geometric eighties jewelry and has already been spotted on major tastemakers, including Erin Wasson.

Moving on: we'd like to direct your attention to one of the most literal interpretations of today's Currently Channeling style-Delia's Katerina Boho Topicon($36.50). The blousy shirt would look very Labyrinth-esque, especially if paired with an embroidered waistcoat, like Forever 21's Floral Embroidered Vest ($22.80).

Our next pick isn't ripped from the film exactly, but it's fabulous nevertheless. Despite the fact that the Labyrinth costume team didn't hook up Connelly with a particularly cool pair of jeans, we found an amazing option for you. The 7 For All Mankind Bell Bottoms ($245) in VCAL are already a celeb favorite (Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and Heidi Klum are fans) and will be available for purchase shortly! Starting in April, you'll find the Bell Bottoms at two 7 For All Mankind shops (Soho in New York and Robertson in Los Angeles), as well as in their online boutique. There's already a waiting list for these jeans, so call the Robertson store (310.385.9540) and reserve a pair today!

As for the rest of our Labyrinth look? We selected a Scrittura Italian Printed Leather Journal ($35) by Barnes & Noble for its fantasy-film feeling and added a pair of Nine West's Victor Platforms ($99) too. Admittedly, Connelly wears loafers in the movie, but we think these studded mules are a better fit!

Finally, we'll close this installment of Currently Channeling with a little fantasy of our own: 3.1 Phillip Lim's Full Length Silk Dressicon ($1195). It's a stunning piece and a modern update to the crazy poofy gown Connelly wears to a masquerade ball in the movie. Since we'd need a little help from the Goblin King (or David Bowie himself) to justify that purchase, for now, we'll settle for the affordable simplicity of James Perse's Maxi Dressicon ($155).

Runway Imagery, First View.