Jessica Rabbit

Jessica Rabbit once said, "I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way," and in our opinion she was referring to her lusciously ripe red lipstick. The power of an incandescent carmine mouth is everywhere these days, and we feel it's best worn with very little else. Major eye makeup or overly blushed cheeks take the power away from this quintessentially femme fatale look. We took a tip from esteemed makeup artist (and Lancome's International Art Director) Gucci Westman and dab pigment on with our middle finger. This keeps the lipstick from looking too severe and lends a certain freshly-kissed insouciance to your face. Ms. Rabbit would totally approve.

Want it, Need it!

The shade of the season is Lancome's Behnaz created especially by Behnaz Sarafpour with Gucci Westman-limited edition only. Since the tubes have gone the way of Chanel's Black Satin nail polish (essentially only available on eBay at great price), you do have alternatives. Dior's new Rouge Dior Replenishing Lip Color in Red Premiere ($24 ) is fiery as is MAC's classic Russian Red ($14, ).