Bob Fosse

We don't pop our cork for every trend we see, but we've been all jazzed up about textured tights. It seems that chic dames are taking inspiration from Fosse's incomparable "Sweet Charity" and are treating their legs to fishnet variations. Patterned gams look best when worn with dark, monochromatic, and simple outfits-don't even think about paring them with a light colored dress or G-d forbid, a jean skirt!There are a few necessary notes to remember when one incorporates these tights into their wardrobe. If you're wearing fishnets proper, be sure to purchase a pair that has a small weave-you're not catching Great Whites after all. Boots are a grand accompaniment, as long as you choose flat boots to avoid any lady-of-the-night insinuations. Pumps-stick to black, gray or red-are another fine alternative.