The Denim Brand With the Best Non-Skinny Skinnies

Love slim denim but not into skintight skinnies? There’s an L.A.-based brand you should know now. Our new obsession, Crippen—a line of luxury basics for women meant to transcend trends—was ironically co-created by Susie Crippen, the former creative director at J. Brand. Crippen's work at J. Brand pioneered the first non-branded–looking skinnies into mass popularity thanks to her discreet approach and organic adoption by A-listers like Angelina Jolie.

In 2012, Crippen had a new creative vision and joined forces with Matt Walker, who formerly was president at Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s brand, The Row. Together Crippen and Walker formed an under-the-radar collection of sophisticated basics out of their studio in downtown L.A. As one might expect from Crippen’s background, it’s the innovative denim that’s quickly catching everyone's eye. While admittedly, the Crippen slim jean silhouette is a far cry from the legging look that changed our wardrobes for almost a decade, the logo-free ambiguous element is still very much present. And we were delighted to discover that, in person, you can’t miss the luxury in quality and materials. Maybe it’s just us, but there’s a security in purchases over three digits when we foresee longevity in our closets. Though Crippen’s 50 and Lover styles have been sold out for weeks, we got word they'll be restocking as of today—get excited. Keep scrolling to see our favorite styles and a link to where you can shop them tonight.

How do you feel about ditching the super skinny for a slightly more relaxed fit? Sound off in the comments!


Opening Image: The Line