10 Oscar Nominees, 10 Couture Creations That Were Made For Them

>The thing about fashion predictions for the red carpet is that, usually, it's close to impossible to really know what an actress will select, especially when a custom option is on the table. And even if she chooses a gorgeous dress that paraded down the Couture Fashion Week runway this past week, there could be many tweaks and alterations, and ultimately, the dress that appears on award night looks nothing like the original. But hey, we're going to make some guesses for the Oscars anyway.

>After all, the fun of following the red carpet is learning about our favorite star's style POV. So with this in mind, we revisited the 2017 Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees' past Oscar looks and selected a couture creation that we think each of them will most likely wear on the red carpet.

>We're not keeping score, but we might do a little victory dance if we've nailed this one on the head. Scroll down to see.

Which predictions do you think we got right? Or which do you think we got wrong? Tell us your thoughts below.