Prepare Yourself: This Is the Actual Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

You're most likely already aware that having the honor of being a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding takes a toll on the the bank account, but do you know exactly how much of a toll it takes? According to a study by Weddington Way, as reported by The Cut, the average sum that bridesmaid duties ring up is on average $1178–$1466, depending on where you live. (It's least expensive in the Midwest and most expensive in the Northeast.) If you consider your own past bridesmaid experiences, you'll likely come to the same conclusion. Between the dress, travel expenses, hair and makeup costs, the bridal shower gift, and the bachelorette party or trip, the word that comes to mind is "daunting." The study adds that the average woman will be a bridesmaid three times in her life, which makes the grand total approximately $4398. Consider yourself very lucky if the bride covers some of your expenses, but one can never assume.

While it's understandably difficult to say no to a close friend, at the very least, it's something to keep in mind next time the bride pops the question to you (i.e. start saving up ASAP).

Keep scrolling to shop a few bridesmaid dresses that won't break the bank, in case the bride-to-be is open to suggestions!

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Opening Image: Vogue