How to Follow Your Corporate Dress Code Without Looking Lame

Taking style cues from some of the world's most fashionable women is all well and good, but if you work in a corporate environment, it can be particularly difficult to apply your learnings to your real life. Office dress codes are often strict and they can be a sartorial wet blanket when you're trying to look cute at work.

We racked our brains for some ideas on how to look cute even when your dress code seems to forbid it. Many corporate dress codes call for conservative, often dated looks, not straying too far from a uniform comprising a black suit jacket, crisp white shirt, and black suit pants. If this sounds familiar to you, we recommend you keep reading: We have some thoughts on how you can technically follow such a code but still look on-trend and stylish.

Keep scrolling for our tips on how to follow your office dress code without looking totally lame!

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