If You Like Fashion and Art, You Need to Follow This Instagram Account

It's no secret that fashion and art go together like bread and butter. In fact, designers have been drawing inspiration from art for years. However, we know of one person who sees the relationship between high fashion and art history in a more unique (and ironic) light. 

The successful Instagram account known as @copylab takes famous works of art and adds in trending fashion pieces or logos in ways unthinkable. Chris Rellas, the artist behind @copylab, is a lot younger than you might have envisioned. Currently a college student at Georgetown University studying art history, Chris has taken his love of these two worlds and merged them in a way that simply put, is genius.

Scrolling through the captivating feed that is @copylab, I can't help but wonder what Titian, Mondrian, and Egon Schiele would have to say about Chris's rendition of their works. 

Keep reading to hear from Chris himself on how he came up with @copylab, where he draws inspiration from, and much more! 

WHO WHAT WEAR: How did you come up with the idea for this account?

CHRIS RELLAS: I’m an art history major, and my main interests are in modern and postmodern art, so the idea of mixing high and low, and old and new are naturally really compelling to me. Specifically, though, I thought of CopyLab while interning at Nasty Gal. I was looking at denim ads and simultaneously scrolling through a favorite art blog when the idea to bring the two together hit me.

WWW: What is your favorite work you’ve done so far?

CR: I recently did a Mondrian-inspired collage of hundreds of Hermès Birkin bags. It's my favorite because I think it's aesthetically pleasing and also because it took me so long to create that I think I'm now obligated to call it my favorite!

WWW: Where do you typically draw inspiration from?

CR: A lot of the art work I use comes from museum visits or lectures. (None of my professors know that the Titian they lecture about for two hours will be wearing a Missoni dress on CopyLab a few days later.)

WWW: What are the two main similarities between art and fashion, in your opinion?

CR: Fashion and art are similar in that they are often used as vessels to tell a story about a cultural movement, period of time, or emotion. They're also similar in that they play a role in society's obsession with beauty, whether that be in the subject, in the form, etc.

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