Only In-the-Know Fashion Girls Shop This Site

The buzziest on-the-rise designers right now aren't coming out of New York or Europe—they're coming out of Latin America. Need proof? Just look to Cooperativa Shop, an e-commerce site that only stocks designers from the region.

The site's founder, Araceli Graham, told Who What Wear why everyone should take note: "There’s a major fashion movement happening all over Latin America right now with a wave of emerging, young, and extraordinarily talented designers who not only incorporate artisanal techniques into their brands, but look at fashion and trends differently and are not afraid of experimenting with their designs."

"There are other facets to Latin American culture that many often overlook—a more refined and cosmopolitan culture," she told us. "We created Cooperativa to transmit this side of our culture by telling the stories of Latin American designers and giving them a platform through which to introduce their one-of-a-kind, often innovative, collections." 

In-the-know fashion girls have definitely taken notice of the region, including the eight industry players below who were tapped to be featured on the site

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