5 Things I Refused to Buy for My Wedding (and What I'd Get Instead)

Before we begin, let’s make one thing clear: A bride should wear whatever makes her happy on her wedding day. No matter what I or any other editor or magazine says, ultimately, the decision is yours and as long as you wear what you like, you’re choosing the right thing.

Nonetheless, with my own nuptials exactly one month away, you can imagine how often these things are discussed, just within the WWW office alone. And, after telling countless tales of how hard it was navigating the overwhelming world of bridalwear, and especially accessories, I decided to share some of the dos and don’ts I came to settle on.

Not to give too much away, but the general motto here is that: When I imagine looking back at my wedding photos 20 years from now, I’d like to avoid having to defend my choices with: “It was trending on Pinterest.”

So, without further ado, see the items this editor won’t be sporting on her big day, and continue to shop the pieces I totally would!