Is It Time to Start Wearing Your Hat Like This Again?

How to Style Wide-Brimmed Hat


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Occasionally, it's not the outfit that makes a person stand out, rather the accessories that complement the outfit and pull the look together. And more often than not, it's the twist on a classic that really captures attention. Basics like a classic leather belt or a beautiful pair of statement gold earrings are all it takes to elevate an outfit and steer it to a different direction. For the weekend, or even a particular outdoor event (Splendour goers in Byron, we're thinking of you especially!) a hat is not only essential and necessary, but can elevate even the dullest outfit.

Hats are nothing new, we've loved the classics, such as the baseball cap, and the interesting trends, such as the coloured felt hat that Gigi relied on all winter, plus the fiddler cap that Kendall rocked oh-so stylishly with her denim jeans and leather jacket. But on the streets of Paris, for Couture Fashion Week earlier this month we noticed a new way to wear the classic wide-brimmed hat and we predict it's going to be huge in Australia in no time. The styling trick? A cord around the hat, just like you did back in school yard days. Wear this every day of the festival and then all summer long. 

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Style the hat with festival classics like denim, whismical dresses and next-level prints. There's no need to go overboard on accessories, as the hat says it all and less is always more. 

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