Bye, Bandage Dresses—Shop Our New Source for Going-Out Clothes



Back in freshman year of college, many—if not most—weekends were ushered in with a trip to American Apparel to buy a new going-out top or stretchy, too-short dress to wear to whatever parties my friends and I were going to. Ten years later, precisely zero of those garments remain in my closet, having long ago fallen apart or been thrown in the "donate" pile in favor of better-made and better-fitting pieces.

Nowadays, one-time-use shopping feels like a relic of the past—not only because it's incredibly wasteful, but because you tend to end up with a whole lot of things you don't really like. And who has the time or square footage for that?

As one of the brands on the forefront of the movement toward more sustainable shopping, Sydney- and L.A.-based Fame and Partners has become a go-to source for made-to-order occasion wear—think prom and bridesmaid dresses, formal jumpsuits, and evening gowns. Now, the company is turning its attention to daywear—and the result is a 101-piece collection of on-trend, interchangeable clothing that our grown-up selves want to wear to our next cocktail party or dinner date (and hang on to for a long time).

Called the Anti-Fast Fashion Shop, the collection retails from $129 to $349 and includes deconstructed shirting, day-to-night dresses, and easy wide-leg pants, most of which can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. Oh, and it's also crazy customizable.

"We aimed to create clothing to suit every moment of a woman’s life, from work to weekend to date night," says founder and CEO Nyree Corby. "While all of our clothing is ethically made-to-order on demand, The Anti-Fast Fashion Shop offers more customization options than previous collections. Every piece can be personalized in four distinct ways, and for the first time our customers can mix-and-match those customizations, creating thousands of more options across the collection."

Word to the wise, however: The customization options make for an addictive shopping experience, so you may want to set aside some time for browsing. Love the sandwashed silk and deep V-neck of the Tol Top, but want short sleeves for summer? No problem. Obsessed with the dramatic ruffle on the Teddy Skirt, but need a little more length and a side pocket for your phone? You're two clicks away. Plus, each tweak is only $9 extra—and some, like shortening a pair of pants or adding a slit to a skirt, are free.

See, sometimes growing up isn't so bad after all.

Below, shop our favorite looks from Fame and Partners's first daywear collection—all of which, you might notice, are named after street style stars.