The Sunglasses All Those Really Cool Girls on Instagram Are Wearing

Sun plus spring plus the approaching summer season plus Instagram equals the grave necessity for a new pair of sunglasses. If we know you as well as we think we know you, one of your go-to destinations for discovering the latest trends is the 'gram, and we don't blame you. In an effort to minimize the amount of searching and scrolling you'd endure to rediscover the posts of the It girls of Instagram wearing that one really cool pair of sunglasses you absolutely need to have in your life, we did said scrolling and the stalking for you.

Ahead, get ready to see the sunglasses some of the coolest girls on Instagram are wearing (and posting). From pink ovals to unique miniature shapes, every forward and trendy pair of sunglasses you've been craving can be found right here. Trust us when we say this accessory will boost your IG engagement and your confidence. With shades capable of that, how can you resist?

Go on to see which sunglasses It girls are wearing right now and to shop our favorite versions of each.