Prepare to Be Jealous of Vogue Employees' New Work Perk

When it comes to desirable employee benefits, a few common things might come to mind: summer Fridays, gym memberships, and generous vacation time. But did you ever think to ask for a major discount on clothes? 

As Fast Company reports, Vogue's parent company, Condé Nast, is now offering a discount on Rent the Runway memberships for its employees. Talk about an amazing perk! Instead of $139 per month for the monthly unlimited membership, staffers will only pay $90. Considering the number of events editors are expected to attend, that discount will definitely come in handy. Hint, hint: Now might be a good time to befriend a Condé Nast employee. 

Scroll down to shop some of our favorite Rent the Runway rentals!

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Opening Image: Style du Monde