How to Avoid 5 Common Wardrobe Malfunctions

We’ve all been there—uncomfortable shoes that make you call a night early, a satin skirt that clings in all the wrong places because of static, a top that won't stay in place… These common wardrobe malfunctions aren't fun to deal with, but it turns out there's usually an easy fix. (Which is good, because when you head out the door, the last thing you want to worry about is having an issue with your outfit.)

Curious to find out the solutions to common wardrobe malfunctions, we asked Who What Wear's team of editors to weigh in. They're experts at dealing with outfit issues and have more than a few trick worth trying out. From static guard to an emergency stash of fashion tape, they're sharing what helps them avoid outfit problems. Want to find out their top tips?

Keep reading to see how fashion editors deal with common wardrobe malfunctions.


"I can't stand when tops or blouses don't stay in place, so I always have an emergency piece of fashion tape in my purse. I can't even count how many times it's saved the day." — Michelle Scanga, managing editor


"Static cling is uncomfortable and not a good look. I've heard about and tried a lot of hacks, such as hair spray, the blow-dryer trick, and a safety pin, but at the end of the day, nothing works better than static guard. I always keep it handy both at work and at home." — Nicole Akhtarzad, market editor


"I feel like my biggest struggle is surviving NYC in comfortable shoes. Since I'm constantly on the go, I've taken to backless mules, which never give me blisters. Win!" — Aemilia Madden, editor


"My mom has always told me to spray hair spray underneath fabrics that create static easily. It sounds weird, but it always works!" — Lauren Eggertsen, associate editor


"I read recently that you should put bubble wrap in your shoes to help them maintain their shape. I fully plan on trying this the next time I travel." —Allyson Payer, editor

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