5 Fashion-Girl Outfit Ideas for Hitting the Gym When It's Too Cold to Deal

With the holidays beginning to wrap up, it’s time to start thinking about returning to our normal selves, sans the wonderful excess of festive feasting and cozying up behind closed doors. If getting back into your fitness routine is a part of getting back to the grind, you’ve likely found that the cold winter weather can be a huge discouragement (if not an outright deal breaker) when it comes to hitting the gym.

To take on the frigid weather—and get back into the swing of our workout regimen—all that’s needed is the right outfit. With just enough layers to get you to the gym (but not so many that you’re unable to stow your outer shell in a locker once you get there), the perfect getting-to-the-gym outfit combines the sleek activewear we love with a smart outer piece that insulates without becoming overbearing.

Luckily, we don’t have to look any further than our favorite It girls for outfit inspiration that meets these exact needs. Kick-start your wellness plan for the New Year by hitting the ground running, jumping back into your workouts (and not freezing your buns off by getting there).

See below for all the outfit inspiration you need for a warm but functional getup to get you to the gym.