Exclusive: 9 Questions With Model Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha’s self-proclaimed motto is “go big or go home,” so she’s no stranger to a jaw-dropping jewelry moment, and it’s that exact thinking that inspired her recent collaboration with BaubleBar. As the brand’s guest bartender—BaubleBar’s term for curator—Rocha lent her eye for all things statement-making to a notice-me-now collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, which she herself artfully pairs with names like Marchesa, Lanvin, and Roberto Cavalli on the red carpet. So what’s the secret to her high-low mix? We have the answer to that and many more of her jewelry secrets below.

How did your collaboration with BaubleBar come about?
I really admired what Baublebar was doing in the realm of jewelry e-commerce. Before they came along there wasn’t really one specific destination on the web where stylish women could go to buy fashion-forward but affordable jewelry. The process of collaborating with them was very smooth, and they gave me a lot of freedom to really express my point of view in these designs.

On Rocha: Onyx Baroque Bib Necklace ($58)

You’ve been wearing your designs on the red carpet paired with big-name designers like Marchesa and Roberto Cavalli. What do you love most about mixing high and low fashion?
It feels a little bit irreverent to mix high and low fashion, especially on the red carpet. I feel like I'm getting away with something, rebelling a little from the status quo, and that's why I love it! I've never been one to dress in head-to-toe designer wear, even if I have the wardrobe to do so. I'm also not one of those models who tries so hard to seem completely untouchable and out of reach to the everyday girl who looks up to me. I'm a girl from a working class family, so I have no problem pairing that $2000 designer jacket I was given with a pair of $75 jeans and a $50 necklace.

On Rocha: Cosmic Dust Galactic Bib ($48)

Do you have any high/low styling tricks?
I think it’s important not to mistake high/low for high/cheap. Materials, design, and fit are just as important in an inexpensive item as they are in an expensive item. That's why I think our jewelry works so well; it is high quality without the high price. It’s also very important not to wear knock-offs with designer pieces, because that will get you in a lot of hot water. 

On Rocha: Vortex Pearl Ear Cuff ($28)

Do you have any rules for accessorizing?
If I'm going to wear jewelry, I do so because I want it to be noticed! I'm not a big fan of wimpy accessories. I really think you have to go big or go home when it comes to jewelry. I also try not to be too matchy-matchy with my bag and shoes—that can look awkward.

On Rocha: Onyx Baroque Bib Necklace ($58)

Is there a formula to layering necklaces and rings?
In general, just try to keep a theme of metal colors, all silver or all rose gold, for instance. Any necklace you layer should be substantial, not dainty. Keep stacking ‘till you look like Mr. T! I really don't think one can over-layer jewelry this year.


If you could only wear one statement jewelry piece for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I'm going to have to give you the sappy answer and say my wedding ring. My husband designed it all by himself, and if I leave the house without it, I'm already off to a bad start. 

On Rocha: Cosmic Dust Galatic Drop Earrings ($40)

What are your favorite jewelry trends for summer?

I think ear cuffs are an amazing and mostly untouched area for jewelry. We created a few great ear cuffs this season, and they've been selling like wildfire. No ear cuff goes unnoticed—it’s definitely a head turner.

On Rocha: Phoenix Wing Ear Cuff ($38)

How would you incorporate pieces from your collection into more casual, everyday looks?
When we shot the campaign for my BaubleBar line, I made sure I paired the jewelry with items I knew every girl had in her closet. You'll see me putting my necklaces under regular button-down shirts and pairing them with a simple pair of blue jeans. I think these pieces are extremely versatile and I've literally worn them everywhere, from the grocery store to the red carpet.

On Rocha: Cosmic Dust Aztec Drop Earrings ($38) and Cosmic Dust Galactic Bib ($48)

Finish the below statement.
My accessory game is on point this year!

On Rocha: Phoenix Wing Ear Cuff ($38)


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