Coco Rocha Endorses These Sisters as "Real Supermodels"

When you're a lover of the fashion industry, the name Coco Rocha is kind of a big deal. The Canadian model has a never-ending list of experience under her belt, having graced the pages of all the top magazines, worked with the most respected photographers in the business, and stomped so many fashion houses' runways. So when she has something to say about the current state of the modeling world, we stop and pay attention.

Rocha recently took to her Instagram to share a photo of sisters and models Bella and Gigi Hadid. The caption read, "I've been doing this modeling thing for a minute and I'd just like to say, for the record, Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid are the REAL DEAL. #Supermodels." We think that pretty much says it all. The Hadids were already It girls in our books, but to have someone like Rocha back up the idea that the era of the supermodel has really returned makes it that much more tangible.

In the meantime, scroll on to see the Instagram for yourself and shop a brand the Hadids both love—Stuart Weitzman.

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Opening Image: @cocorocha

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