Update: This Is What L.A. and NYC Girls Have Been Shopping All Day

Today was a very special day for American fashion as the Coach x Rodarte collaboration finally launched in-store. When you think about it, it’s not very common for multiple major designers to come together to create a cohesive collection, but that’s exactly what Stuart Vevers and Kate and Laura Mulleavy did, and boy, did they do it well. We got the chance to sit down and chat with the three design powerhouses about the exciting new collaboration at the Coach store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and let me tell you—the comradery between the trio suddenly put the collection in a whole new light.

“There definitely wasn’t some big strategy; it was more emotional” was an explanation from Vevers that really got the conversation flowing. “Designers don’t get to hang out together. It was fun to be with someone that would understand, to be honest, how lonely the job can be and how isolated it is,” added Kate. “When you make the decision to work with someone else, you’re opening yourself up to being challenged. That’s one of the things I love about the idea of collaborations,” said Vevers as he looked at the Mulleavys with a warm grin.

Photo: @coach

Now for the actual pieces—not only are the bags, jackets, and dresses inherently gorgeous, but they also somehow perfectly represent the aesthetics of both the L.A. and NYC girl. With Vevers being based in New York and Kate and Laura Mulleavy stationed in Los Angeles, the marriage of the two coasts really makes a lot of sense. Kate went on to say that “the simplicity and the chicness of the advertisements felt very NY to me, and the heritage feels very NY, and then I think the fun of the white pearls feels very Californian but I can only give that analysis in retrospect. I don’t think it was an intention; it just kind of happened. Because we were based in two different places, and obviously the environment affects how you think, there is a difference. I think there is a different style that emerges.”

While the in-store launch is a picture-perfect spring/summer collection, you might be surprised to hear that assigning a particular season to it was barely discussed at all. “Someone said to me yesterday that this was a spring/summer collection, and I was like really?! It was so organic—there was no precedent for what it was. Because you know what? You can wear a leather jacket in the winter or you can wear it in California with a sweater or even to the beach. So you’re fine,” explained Kate. The bicoastal leather jacket she spoke of is unlike your ordinary leather jacket, as it is covered in multicolored sequin flowers. “Laura and I aren’t minimalists on any level, and Stuart loves stuff all over things. I guess that’s where it was a good pairing. It was an attention to detail we had and Stuart obviously has that too, and that’s where it works,” said Kate.

We can only imagine that girls in L.A. and NYC have been fawning over this collection all day, and with good reason. If you are considering making an investment, we recommend that dreamy leather jacket, of course, but the graphic tees and pearl wristlets are just as good. In essence, there is no way you can go wrong with the stunning array of options in this collaboration.

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