The Brands With the Best Clothing-Recycling Programs

As a bunch of fashion-loving individuals, it’s hard not to always focus on what’s new and exciting. And yes, most of us love to shop too. But we’d simply be irresponsible not to acknowledge that cherishing the contents of our closets doesn’t stop when we lose interest or a trend begins to die down. Instead, we aim to do right by every product we purchase and make sure it finds a new home after we’re done with it. Thankfully, the clothes recycling programs below are here to help.

With Earth Day coming up (it’s April 22), we compiled a handy guide to know where and how to donate the loved but unwanted pieces of your wardrobe at stores you already shop. While some brands ask you to drop off and others have you ship away, there’s a common thread: All these brands make it simple to reduce and recycle your belongings. Some of them even reuse the leftover pieces and put them to good use in creating something new.

Scroll down to see which one is the best fit for you.


Style du Monde

Go ahead and do something good for your closet (and the earth) and utilize at least one clothes recycling program as you streamline your wardrobe.