This Collaboration Isn't Just Cool—It's Inspiring

It’s not every day that two fields like fashion and poetry come together. Lucky for us, every once in a while creative forces come together for something special, like the new collaboration between poet Cleo Wade and label Zero + Maria Cornejo. The collection is inspired by both Wade’s writings and her activism. “Cleo and her words make us feel good about being women and that’s what I wanted this special collection to do as well,” said Maria in a press release. “It’s about the power of femininity and the power of being female.”

The 15-piece collection draws inspiration from Wade’s hometown, New Orleans, along with the artist herself. Wade also penned a poem for the collection that is available in limited print, so any super fans can own a little something extra.

Read on to see Wade model a few of the pieces, and to shop some of our favorites too!