The Only Outfit Combo You Need for Fall, According to Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer's career has been going strong for three decades (and counting!). While you might still associate her with the iconic supermodel reign of the '90s, she's been staying busy these days with plenty of projects. For starters, she recently launched a new sweater line, complete with every must-have knit you need for fall and winter. She also just did a new shoot and interview with Semaine, where she revealed insider tidbits about her new brand, her wardrobe, and her go-to outfits.

When asked what she would wear if she could only don one outfit the rest of her life, Schiffer responded "a soft oversized cashmere sweater, jeans and flat sandals." What more could you really need? She also spilled about a lust-worthy vintage item she resurrected from her own closet: “Recently I pulled out a beautiful brown leather Chanel bag from 20 years ago that I’ll pair with some new jeans and a soft cashmere sweater from my latest collection," she told Semaine. "Trends always come around again, it’s so difficult to have a unique style all of your own.” 

Scroll down to see Claudia Schiffer's new shoot, and head over to Semaine to see all of the images!

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