The 3 High Heel Styles This Stylist Will Never Give Up


Brooke Testoni

The life of a fashion stylist is pretty unpredictable, usually frantic, and every day is always different. While it's standard to see stylists in white sneakers on the reg, high heels are a staple of every woman's wardrobe when the occasion calls for it. Sydney-based stylist, Jessica Pecoraro, gives us a peek into her personal wardrobe of shoes and tells us the three styles she always relies on and will never stop buying.

“While I'll always pick flats over heels, when the occasion calls for a heel, I'll usually stick to classic styles. I'm drawn to choosing heels that can be worn with most of the pieces in my wardrobe and they have to be comfortable, especially because my job is so physical and I'm always running around. Even though it's a pinch on the wallet initially, buying good-quality heels will save you in the long run. When they are well-made, they tend to usually be more comfortable.”

And the common factor with the three styles Pecoraro chose? They are all Italian-made leather or suede. (If you're thinking of investing, it pays to take care of your shoes by maintaining the materials.)

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"When I want a pop of colour, I wear my red Gianvito Rossi point stilettos. They are definitely an essential style heel—a great option for all seasons in the year. It's usually my go-to heel for work functions as I can dress up my day look of a shirt and trousers, or a knee-length skirt." 


"My black Gucci ankle boots are my go-to in winter. The heel is a small block style making it easy to run around in. I usually wear them with jeans, a T-shirt, and a blazer."

"Alaïa sandals in nude and black suede is my style of choice in summer when needing a heel. I'll wear the nude style mostly when wearing something shorter and black with pants and longer skirts or dresses."

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