Is Ewan McGregor's Daughter the Next Fashion It Girl?

Ewan McGregor’s eldest daughter is all grown up, and she’s poised to take over the fashion industry—one way or another. The New York University sophomore is majoring in cinema studies and minoring in business of entertainment, but she still has her sights on the fashion industry. Just 20 years old, she’s already proven her potential to be fashion’s next reigning It girl, with a new Wilhelmina modeling contract, an Instagram oozing with style inspiration, and an impressive photography portfolio.

“It started with my interest in photography,” she explained to W in a recent interview, “but then my interests shifted and I got more into acting. I’ve always wanted to expand what I was doing and I really love fashion; modeling just seemed like it went hand-in-hand with acting and photography.” This fashion week, she’s already slated to make an appearance at Baja East, Oscar de la Renta, and Moncler—a perfect chance to test the waters with an inaugural tour and see if it’s really something she wishes to pursue.

McGregor’s already a fan of Marni, Marc Jacobs, and Calvin Klein and looks up to ’90s icons Kate Moss and Christy Turlington. “All their outfits from the ’90s are coming back,” she said. “I love the way my mom dresses. As I get older, I see myself dressing more and more like my mom.” Still, she admits she’s still trying to figure out her own style, usually keeping things simple and sticking to all black. Well, if her Instagram feed is any indication, she’s already on track to defining her own unique take on style.

See below for some of Clara McCregor’s best laid-back looks.