Cindy Crawford's #1 Tip for Succeeding in Fashion

If you're looking for some top-notch fashion career advice, who better to get it from than supermodel Cindy Crawford? Vogue rounded up 10 life lessons to glean from Crawford's new book, Becoming, and one of them in particular caught our attention: her advice on how to make it in the fashion industry. 

"I applied myself to modeling the same way I had applied myself to school," she said. "As a young model, I wouldn’t have dreamed of showing up to Avedon or [Irving] Penn’s studios without familiarizing myself with their work and their style. I also paid attention and did my homework so that when the photographer or stylist referenced ‘film noir’ or ‘Jean Shrimpton,’ I could speak the same language and know what they wanted from me.”

So there you have it: It boils down to doing your research and educating yourself about the industry. Head over to Vogue to check out more of her lessons, and scroll down to shop Crawford's coffee-table book for yourself!

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