Cindy Crawford Reveals Why She Chose Her Unexpected '90s Wedding Dress

Vogue just took a 360-degree tour of Cindy Crawford's closet, and it's every bit as amazing as you'd expect. Among the iconic '90s pieces—including a Versace bandage dress from 1992 that she says daughter Kaia Gerber is dying to borrow—there was one item that holds a special place in Crawford's heart.

"The most sentimental piece of clothing I own is my wedding dress," Crawford says in the video. "It's John Galliano. It's a little slip dress. No one [knew] we were getting married, so I couldn't go out wedding shopping. As soon as you do that, people know you're getting married. So I told a friend of mine who was a stylist that I needed a black dress or a white dress to go to a black-and-white party, so he brought a handful of black dresses and a handful of white dresses."

Crawford went on to explain why the unexpected slip dress was ideal for her laid-back ceremony. "First of all, I love that it was off the rack. It was $1200. It was just perfect; my husband is a leg man, and we were getting married in the Bahamas on the beach, so I wasn't wearing shoes or anything."

Scroll down to watch Vogue's 360-degree tour of Cindy Crawford's closet.

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Opening Image: Getty Images