These $25 Skinny Jeans Are "All the Rage" in Asia

Pop quiz: How much did you pay for your last pair of jeans? Chances are, you probably spent more than $25, but perhaps you didn't need to. We just came across affordable skinny jeans with amazing reviews, courtesy of Aimee Song's Instagram Stories. "There's a pair of white jeans that apparently make you 5 kg slimmer that's all the rage in Asia," Song wrote. "So we all tried them on." 

The jeans in question are the Chuu Super Skinny 5 kg Jeans ($25), which are available in six different colors: white, beige, pink, sky blue, black, and gray.  Impressively, the jeans have 577 positive reviews, and the product description says that 96.8% customers are satisfied with their purchase. Intrigued? Song and her team all tried on the same pair of white jeans so you can see them in action IRL. Scroll down to see how they look and shop them for yourself. 

Opening Image: Timur Emek/Getty Images