Get to Know the Dress Designer About to Blow Up

Who says affordable fashion can't feel special? Sure, we love Zara and H&M as much as the next person, but mass retailers aren't the only way to look stylish without dropping a lot of cash. Enter Christy Dawn, an on-the-rise indie dress designer who is dedicated to eco-friendly design processes and bringing that special, just-for-me feeling back into the fashion realm.

Her dresses are made locally in Los Angeles using deadstock fabric, which is leftover fabric from other designers that was never sold to the public. She also produces them in limited quantities—between two and 20 of each dress are usually sold—so you know you're not going to walk into a room with tons of other girls wearing your dress. To get the inside scoop on her burgeoning brand, we went directly to the source, chatting with Christy Dawn herself. 

Scroll down to read our exclusive interview with Christy Dawn and learn more about her amazing brand!

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