Holiday Shopping You Can Do Last-Minute in Your Hometown

Thank goodness for last-minute holiday shopping. In reality, with end-of-year commitments at work and so many festive occasions that we lose count, that’s usually the only kind of holiday shopping we do. With that in mind, we started thinking local and rounded up some crowd-pleasing presents from boutiques across the country. (You’re welcome, fellow procrastinators.)

Zeroing in on a few major cities and local fashion hot spots—from Denver to Dallas and North Carolina to New York—the 14 gifts in these slides are hopefully no more than a quick drive (or subway ride) away. If a sleek pair of earrings, quirky graphic tee, or on-trend bomber jacket is still not cutting it, trust that the boutique options offer so much in person too. Click in to get started on your shopping. Time’s ticking, after all.