5 Smart Pieces to Buy With All Your Christmas Gift Cards

No matter how good you've been this year, you probably didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas. Luckily, relatives probably bestowed gift cards (or gifts that have now been returned in exchange for gift cards) upon you, and it's like you're back in Santa's lap ready to ask for exactly what you want.

With post-holiday sales in full swing, there are plenty of deals to catch your eye. But before you're enticed to spend your gift cards all in one place or load up on a bunch of stuff you don't actually want or need simply because the discount was too good to be true, take some time to consider what you really want. Sifting through the excess of possible pieces to add your wardrobe, we've determined the smartest buys you can make with your extra spending power.

See below for the best pieces to spend your gift cards on right now.