This Impeccably Stylish Fashion Editor Just Launched Her First Clothing Line

What do you get when you mix a chic fashion editor/stylist, a designer, and some sleek basics? Christine Centenera's new clothing line with Josh Goot, dubbed Wardrobe.NYC. You might know Centenera as the fashion director of Vogue Australia, the stylist mastermind behind Kanye West's Yeezy shows, or even as a street style star during fashion month. But now, she's adding another major role to her résumé: designer.

"Wardrobe.NYC is a conceptual composite of luxury essentials, distilled into their purest and most desirable form," the brand's website reads. "Designed for a modern urban life, the line consists of in-season, cohesively styled wardrobes, priced without retail margins. Supreme in quality and produced in limited quantities, Wardrobe.NYC heralds a conscious and liberated model for the future of luxury." In other words, she just made it that much easier to dress like a fashion editor.

Read on to preview Christine Centenera's new brand, Wardrobe.NYC.