The 3 Trends Chrissy Teigen Will Never Wear

You would think that an on-fire supermodel like Chrissy Teigen would be able to wear just about anything she wants, as crazy as it might be, and still look incredible. And while we don't necessarily disagree, apparently Teigen herself has spotted some trends out there that she's just not down to try.

"Dude, I want to wear those Birkenstock sandal things so badly, but I have the worst feet on the planet, and I cannot wear them," Teigen told us at Piperlime's L.A. launch party. "They don't even fit my feet, they look crazy. I want to do culottes. I want to be able to wear the things that everyone is wearing and look so cool. But I can't even wear loafers. I can't wear any of that stuff! I look cuckoo."

So what trends does Chrissy Teigen look forward to wearing this fall season? Blanket coats? The color red? Mini bags? Fringe?

"I don't look forward to trends; I just look forward to wearing something that I've already worn and may flatter me," she continues. "I can't do trends, because I don't look good in trends. I'm very late on trends because it takes me a long time to feel comfortable in them, which is why I always respect people ballsy enough to wear them in real time. I don't have the balls to do that."

Keep scrolling to shop a few of the trends Chrissy won't wearthen tell us in the comments below which trends YOU would never wear!